Current Programs

In general, the schools involved in SONS Educational Programming select the certified teachers, the students, the curriculum, the timing / schedule, the site, the pre- and post- program testing, a written technical evaluation, and administrative oversight; SONS provides a paid professional program educator / coordinator, healthy food for all participants, an insurance rider, and compensation for the teachers … all codified through a signed Memorandum of Understanding with Hartford Board of Education.

Literacy Remediation Program (LR)

The Sons of Thunder Coalition (in collaboration with various elementary schools in the Hartford-area) develops and manages a number of five-week long Literacy Remediation programs that meet three times a week after school for two hours per session for fifteen 1st 2nd or 3rd grade students. The LR programs utilize three different teachers each with a five-student group. All students receive pre- and post- program testing. SONS provides fund-development to finance the its programming, on-site program coordination / supervision, healthy snacks for all involved, a written program evaluation, insurance, and reimburses the schools for payments made to the teachers. The schools involved provide student selection, teachers, educational materials, facilities, security, insurance, tracking, testing of each student, maintenance of records of students’ performance, internal (written) program evaluation (for its own use) and a brief program summary of each 5-week program for Sons of Thunder’s use in public relations, marketing, and fundraising. In 2020 the Literacy Remediation program will be carried out primarily at public schools in Hartford:

Ø Capital Preparatory Magnet School,

Ø E. B. Kennelly School and

Ø WISH Elementary School

Social Media Mastery (SMM)

Sons of Thunder works with a number of high-schools (students) in the area to collaborate in providing for the mastery of social media skills by enterprising students. The various schools participating in the Social Media Mastery program provide the facilities, the teachers, the students, the curriculum, the evaluation (testing) of students’ individual and group performance as well as a written report / evaluation to SONS for its use in further program development, marketing and fundraising. In 2020 the Social Media Mastery program will be implemented in a number of schools in the area, including:

Ø CREC Academy of Aerospace and Engineering Magnet School

Ø Pathways Academy of Technology and Design

Ø A.I. Prince Technical High School, as well as

Ø Central Connecticut State University, and

Ø Trinity College

SONS serves as a model “client/collaborator” … bringing real-world technical / social media problems to the schools / programs for the students (in a supervised classroom setting) to think-through and working as a group attempt to resolve … for the collective benefit of the students, teachers, schools, community and Sons of Thunder.

Community Conferences (CC)

The Sons of Thunder produces one (or two) major Community Conferences in each year focusing on the educational and emotional development of maturing youth in the Hartford. In June SONS will produce a day-long conference, focusing on MENTORING, to be presented at the CREC Aerospace and Engineering Magnet School in Windsor, CT. More than six experts on will make separate presentations and facilitate discussion groups with a participating audience of made up of students, parents and guardians, teachers, educators, guidance counselors, coaches, media, philanthropists and the general public.

SONS serves as host, identifies the subject matter, selects presenters, selects a site for the program, provides nutritious breakfast and lunch for all participants, insurance, produces presentation, promotional, and marketing materials -- in addition to producing and managing the MENTORING Conference, fundraising, and providing honoraria. As the site / host CREC Aerospace and Engineering Magnet School provides facilities, site management, janitorial, maintenance, use of kitchen facilities and staff, insurance, security, leadership and gravitas.

See timeline and other information on the Mentoring Conference in Current Events.