Young Women Civic Engagement grants opportunities through reinventing the perspective on women in the workforce. We strive to break down social barriers through unity.

YWC-E is women-founded, not woman-bounded. Our mindsets hope to acknowledge that everyone can work against biases while spreading awareness about important issues.

Throughout this internship, interns worked in various technological departments, including website renovation, media management, and presentations. While exploring these opportunities, interns also infused Civic Engagement with the products they put out, such as the flyers below that spread awareness about important topics while exploring graphic design software.

YWCE also spent time thinking of ways to give back to the community. Over time we worked together to create multiple presentations for various grade levels (5,6,7 and 8) to give them an understanding of what the next grade is like. In a time when many students weren't in person for most of the school year, the transition from middle school to high school or elementary school to middle school can be especially tough. This presentation established the importance of self-image, academics, and relationships.